Week Two!

My second week in the salon was a success!

My favorite part was Friday.  I had three wedding updo’s I did, which was so fun! I love doing updo’s.  My niece, Brooke was one of them, and she was so cute while I curled her hair and braided it.  She did very good, I suppose watching Mickey Mouse on the iPad helped a bit, and the candy cane afterwards…  I did matching styles on Brooke and Kellie, her mom.  We started with a french braid at the front, right side of the hair line, and I worked it down towards the left side of the nape.  Then I spiral curled the remaining hair and the end of the braid to blend it in.  In Kellie’s hair, I also put a small french braid in her fringe.  In Brooke’s, we just did a soft curled fringe.

Here are some of the photo’s I took, and you can see more on the Ashley Brooke Salon & Spa Facebook Page.  Also, be sure to like the page!! And any pictures you like!

Kellie and Brooke updosBrooke French BraidingBrooke updo back viewBrooke updo side viewKellie updo right side viewKellie updo back viewKellie updo left side viewKellie updo back full viewKellie updo front view

Well, there’s most of them! Hope you like it!



Ashley Behlings

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